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01-01-1970 Random wordlist TXT DF3B9DB7 CRLF
01-01-1970 memdump ZiP 2132FBA6 pw: dump
24-06-2013 DSD CrackMe'99 ZiP 057FB103 Old skool :)
24-06-2013 CVE-2013-3660 ZiP 9B1F7F1A Win32 kernel 0day

Online tools ~

-::DATE -::LiNKS
12-07-2013 SpyEye Gate v1.3.x encoder/decoder
12-07-2013 Carberp RCE *revoked*
12-07-2013 Pony v1.9 password maker
22-10-2013 IceIX/Zeus v2.0.x/Zeus v3 Lite Upload vulnerability *revoked*
22-10-2013 Zeus v2.1.x Upload vulnerability *revoked*
22-10-2013 PowerZeus v1.0.2.0 Upload vulnerability *revoked*
22-10-2013 Dexter v2 gate decoder
22-10-2013 SpyEye frmcp2 SQL injection vulnerability *revoked*
28-12-2013 Zeus Evolution Upload vulnerability *revoked*
24-02-2014 Generic Zeus Upload vulnerability *revoked*
Due to an error default by design, ZbotScan attacked a zeus honeypot belonging to spamhaus.
For this reason we stopped the developpement of online hacktools and had to shutdown our autopwn-services.
PS: We are still ❤'ing spamhaus.

Public Sploits releases ~

-::DATE -::LiNKS
12-12-2013 Carberp Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
12-12-2013 Rovnix hash collision vulnerability
12-12-2013 VMProtect Web License Manager 2.2.1 Multiple vulnerabilities
31-12-2013 Citadel Backconnect Server Remote Code Execution vulnerability
03-02-2014 FileStealer v1.3 Upload Vulnerability
21-04-2014 ATSEngine credential disclosure vulnerability
25-11-2014 iBanking botnet Shell Upload Vulnerability
25-11-2014 Atrax Botnet Shell Upload Vulnerability
24-12-2014 Phase botnet blind SQL injection vulnerability
17-06-2015 Gorynych/DiamondFox v4.2.0.257 File Upload Vulnerability
28-11-2015 Dendroid remote code execution
31-10-2016 Keitaro TDS Auth bypass v6.x - v7.7.10

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